Terms of services

Our terms of services are rendered below

All members of the Showyoursite banner network are required to agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Anyone determined by Showyoursite to have violated these terms and conditions is subject to being banned from the network without any obligation by Showyoursite to redeem any earned credits.

Showyoursite reserves the right to refuse membership to any websites or banners containing illegal, pornographic, or immoral activities or for any other reason we see fit.

Members agree to include the full unmodified HTML code provided by Showyoursite for displaying banner ads on their web site, in as many or few pages as they wish. This code may not be modified in any way without the prior approval of Showyoursite.

The banner must also be placed in a highly visible place accessible to visitors, such that the majority of people visiting that page will see and notice the banner ad that is being displayed. The Showyoursite banner may not be placed together with several other banners. Showyoursite reserves the right to verify the placement and correctness of its HTML code through any means.

The page containing the Showyoursite banner exchange code may not have a meta-refresh tag of any kind.

A member may not artificially inflate traffic counts to his/her site using a device, program, or other means. The use of automatic traffic exchanges is not allowed and may result in termination of the ShowYourSite banner exchange account. A member may not insert more than one Showyoursite HTML code on any page.

We are of the opinion that every website with real traffic should manage to deliver a click thru rate of at least 0.1%. If after the first 5000 impressions a website has below 0.1% click thru rate, the website will not earn any more credits until the click thru rate is above or equal to 0.1%. This is done to encourage a good placement of the ShowYourSite banners and to discourage the use of automated traffic.

Sites and banners displaying pornographic, illegal, offensive or immoral material are not allowed to participate in the Showyoursite banner exchange. Showyoursite is a "family friendly" banner exchange. Sites advertising or selling drugs will not be allowed to participate.

A member may not click on ShowYourSite banners on his/her own site to make it perform better.

A member may not include the Showyoursite HTML code on any pages that automatically reload or go to another page without interaction from the user or on a page which is inaccessible to the general surfing population including, but not limited to, pop-up windows and hidden frames.

Members acknowledge that Showyoursite is a free service. At any given time, the Showyoursite HTML code on a member's web site may display an advertisement from a sponsor, from another member, or from Showyoursite.

Showyoursite will try to correct any inconsistencies in credits if found. reserves the right to delete members accounts should they:

  • Not place the ad code within their sites
  • If the ad code is removed after the account has already been verified.
  • Conduct fraudulently activity. i.e., auto-reload their website.
  • Any other reasons at our sole discretion.

No credit refunds shall be issued in any of these instances. If suspects cheating or other fraudulent activities, we reserve the right to freeze the account status until an investigation has been done.

Members acknowledge and agree that their web site information (name, URL, traffic counts, etc.) may be utilized by Showyoursite. Possible uses include (but are not limited to) lists of the busiest sites, lists of member sites, etc. Members agree to allow Showyoursite to use screen shots of any web page that contains the Showyoursite HTML code in Showyoursite promotional materials.

Showyoursite, its administrators, partners and sponsors cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from the use of the services of Showyoursite.

The Showyoursite name, logo, software, databases, reports, website, and information are proprietary and cannot be used without prior permission from Showyoursite reserves the right to modify or change any and all of these Terms and Conditions as it deems necessary.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you confirm that you have read and understood our Privacy Statement.