Free Banner Advertising Exchange is a free banner exchange system which lets you exchange banners with other webmasters. All you have to do is include a small html-code on your website, and we take care of the rest.

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10:9 exchange ratio

We give you generous 10:9 exchange ratio. This means that for every 10 banners you show on your site, your banners will be shown 9 times on other sites.

1000 free banner impressions

For the first 10 000 banner impressions on your website, we give you a 10:11 ratio! In other words; we give you 1000 free impressions.

Target by category.

You have the possibility to target your audience. This greatly increases the response on your advertising.

Both image and text banners

We allow both 468x60 image banners and custom 468x60 text banners designed with the text banner designer.

Priority on your banners

Priority on your banners lets you decide which of your banners will be shown the most.

Block unwanted banners

If a banner does not fit the content of your site you can block it from the members area and it will not be shown on your site.

Referral program

Just by linking to us you can gain referrals and earn 10% of their first 10 000 impressions.

Anti cheat

Our system is designed to prevent cheaters from wasting your banner impressions.

Real-time statistics

We provide you with detailed real-time statistics, both numeric and graphical. Giving you the possibility to track your performance.

Up to 25 banners

You can have up to 25 banners simultaneously.

Optional link

Many banner exchanges force you to have a link under the banner. We provide html codes with or without a link.